Friday, January 29, 2010

Real Hip Hooray: Up in the Air

How lucky is this little birthday boy to have Amy Atlas, undisputed queen of the dessert buffet, as his MUM! Amy has shared a few `flying' pictures from her son's adorable plane-inspired party over at her blog - we love every sweet, coordinated detail from the personalised placemats and party hats to the clever runway tablescape. Most of all we love that Amy's `details' are heartfelt and handmade . . . . and not beyond the creativity and budget of the not-so-famous party planners of this world! Thanks Amy for reminding all of us just how sweet life can (and should) be . . . .

Images via Sweet Designs: A Blog by Amy Atlas. Read more

Thursday, January 28, 2010

A pretty package

Don't you just love these adorable little sweet bags from The Farm Chicks? The best part is that they come as a digital file for you to print as you wish and use over and over again. Now you'll never be caught short of something a little pretty to present a sweet treat, a thank you gift, or something to say I'm-just-so-glad-you're my-friend. Gorgeous for wedding or party favours and just in time for Valentine's Day too. We would be most happy to receive just one of these filled with kisses and hugs! Or maybe one of these Sweetie Pies . . . .

Serena has a delightful blog and lots of great ideas, recipes and products for living with simplicity and beauty. The Farm Chicks will ship to Australia - Yay! - these tags will be lovely in our stash of packaging pretties.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Real Hip Hooray: Pinwheel Preppy

This one's for the boys. Pinwheels are one of our favourite party details and the inspiration for this perfectly preppy celebration designed by the talented Sharnel for her young man's 4th Birthday. These gorgeous pictures whizzed around the blog world last week (1st blog lesson: no sleeping allowed or you miss stuff!) - but we figure you never really can have too much of a good thing, so for any of those who didn't catch it elsewhere, these are just for you . . .

Sharnel and her business partner Keren are creators of the yummiest ever cupcakes and other goodies over at The Cupcake Company and we had the pleasure of working with Sharnel on some polka-dot pretties for our first Mathilda's Market stall last year. This talented Mum has since grabbed the attention of the party glitterati, including THE Amy Atlas, for her simple, beautiful party styling. Sharnel shares many things of beauty on her blog, My Life, My Loves and has kindly provided all the resources for William's party there.

Love this colour scheme as much as we do? Here are a few of our favourite Navy and Green details to help you get the look:

Top row L to R: Navy spot wrap, Specklefarm stripe placecards via Details, details!; Pinwheel via Twirlie Whirlies

Middle row: Paper flags and baking cups by Paper Eskimo, Paper lantern (Grass) all via Details, details!

Bottom row: Navy tin pail via Details, details!; Invitation from Smallprints; Paper lantern (Navy) via Details, details!

Tres Chic

The invite said wear your favourite pink outfit and, while it's not as if Mia's wardrobe was lacking in pink, when I spotted this adorable fabric on etsy . . . .

I just had to whip her up a new twirlie skirt for the party. Fabric arrived from the US on Tuesday. Contemplated not sewing the new outfit on Wednesday. Mustered up some energy and downloaded this great little pdf pattern on Thursday. Twirling up a storm just in time for the Saturday soiree.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Real Hip Hooray: Pink Poodles in Paris

Mia was a guest at a perfectly pretty parisian party recently. The cute age-appropriate twist was that it was all about the pink poodle. With lashings of pink and black, mini french yummies and adorable puppy details, the little guests returned grinning from poodle ear to ear.

Details we heart:

  • Pink poodle ears for all the girls on arrival
  • Patisserie-inspired party buffet filled with mini croissants, mini chocolate eclairs, those macarons, polka-dot cookies, bone shaped pastries, and raspberry meringues
  • Fabric awning suspended above the buffet for `store window' effect
  • Luella's boutique where the girls could `shop' for jewellery and cosmetics - all candy of course!
  • The much-adored Fifi the Poodle cake
  • Babycinos created from marshmallows and whipped cream
  • Eiffel tower drinking cups
  • Pass the Shopping Bag game - each guest retrieved a dog-bone shaped trinket box filled with crayons
  • Limbo beneath a boa of pink feathers!
  • Goodie boxes overflowing with poodle-inspired gifts - bracelets, stickers, notepads, and even fifi herself
Sonia's style file:

  • Invitations, paper accessories and signage - designed and created by Sonia
  • Cake - lovingly homemade from The Australian Women's Weekly Kids Party Cake Book
  • Black spotty fabric for awning - Spotlight
  • Party accessories and tableware, Poodle pinata, poodle ears and poodle goodie boxes all from
  • Spotty baking cups and sugar bow toppers from
  • Gift wrap, ribbon, flower dishes from Details, details!
  • Striped parlour - available for hire (Brisbane Only) from Details, details!

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Truly. Madly. Deeply.

It's official. We are in love. The Macarons and I. Well, possibly it's a little unrequited crush, all I know is my heart beats a little faster when we are in the same room together and I simply can't get enough. That's not to say our first date last week went entirely without awkward moments and moodiness, but all I hoped for was enough `good' ones to be able to line them up in perfect little rows of coloured goodness and this is what I got . . . .

Happy. Contented. Dreaming of the next time we shall meet.

P.S. Sorry I kept you hanging for a week. Long story short is that my camera disappeared just before the Parisian party last Saturday. I suspected foul play may have been involved. Camera was found several days later in the side pocket of rolling luggage hidden in back of sister's wardrobe. Should have been the first place I looked, right? 18 month old suspect since apprehended and cuddled incessantly! Pics are courtesy of friend's i-phone . . . pink poodles coming up next.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Not sure we can wait . . .

to see more of this adorable naming day celebration being planned for little Max, new baby son of the super-talented Sarah from Style Me Gorgeous. How many days till March?

Friday, January 8, 2010

Hip Theme: A little Ooh La La!

Mia has her first birthday party of the year tomorrow and we've (yes, both of us!) been looking forward to it all holidays . Host mum Sonia is a graphic designer with lots of style and great concepts. We have had fun sharing ideas and inspiration as she plans a tres chic Parisian soiree for 6 year old Luella (also affectionately known as Lulu - how fitting!).
I have offered to make the macarons - oooh those sweet delicate little pastel numbers which I adore the look of, but ummm, have never made before this week! Actually the test batch were a surprising success, but meringue and I have a tumultuous relationship so I am quietly anxious about our date tonight. Keep me in your thoughts - oh and if you don't see piccies here in the next few days, you will know the macarons and I had a major falling out.
Gorgeous for ladies of all ages, a Parisian theme is sweet and stylish for any girlie occasion. Look forward to sharing the details from Lulu's soiree - in the meantime here's a little inspiration . . . .

Top Row L to R: Le Parti de Paris Invitations from Alannah Rose; La Petite Boulangerie via Pen n Paper Flowers
Second Row: Handbags & heels cookie tin from Polka Dot Cookies; cupcakes via The Decorated Cookie
Third Row: Vintage style wrap from Details, details!; Petite Hot Chocolate via Details, details!; Kawaii stamps from Yozo Craft
Bottom Row: Vintage styleposter from Cavallini & Co at Zetta Florence; Macarons (image anonymous; try Twist 'n Roll for similar); Cake Topper from Lollipop Workshop

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Fancy pants cupcakes

Today was `family feast' day. Held at our parents' place once a month, it's hopefully the beginning of a wonderful tradition, bringing us all back to the table together to share great food, wine and conversation. When we try to suss out the menu in advance, Mum always replies that "it's not about the food, it's about the company". Sure, the company is wonderful, but bottom line is our Mum is a great cook and well, frankly, it's an awful lot about the food!

Anyway, the day always ends with cupcakes - the kids count on it! Today's cupcakes got a little dressed up for the occasion (probably to honour the arrival of the new coffee machine). Don't you just love what they're wearing? Donna Hay's fancy baking papers and sugar pearls in the sweetest shades of pink, chocolate and aqua. Donna aptly calls her range `bling for baking' - love it! We found ours at David Jones, but our favourite online baking store, Little Betsy Baker, is stocking them and if you're in Sydney check out the Donna Hay General Store in Woollahra.

Thanks Mum (and Dad, the wine waiter) for another memorable `family feast'. So what's on the menu next month?

Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year! Let the parties begin . . .

Well, we can’t quite believe it has come around again, but here we are popping corks all over the place and celebrating the arrival of a brand, spanking new year filled with promise. And promises.

Yes, we PROMISE to write regularly on our new blog (sorry about the false start!). Yes, we PROMISE to keep stocking our store with oh-so-gorgeous party things. Yes, we PROMISE not to have any parties for our kids this year. Hang on a minute. That doesn't sound like a promise we'd make?

2009 was indeed a huge year of planning, prepping and styling six memorable celebrations for our youngsters – and yes we may have thrown out this crazy, off-the-cuff promise to our husbands while in a haze of post-party exhaustion (you know the kind!). But now that 2010 has rolled around we're not so sure that’s a promise we can keep! HELLO! We are in the party business. Never going to happen.

So while we go about smooching to our husbands for leniency on promises made, here’s a little snapshot review of our 2009 family celebrations – look out for more details this month as we remember what fun we created last year and start dreaming up themes for 2010. We’d love to see what you created in 2009 or hear about what party style is inspiring you for 2010. May it be a wonderful celebration-filled year for you and your families xo