Thursday, September 30, 2010

Real Hip Decor: Cupcake Liner Pom Poms

So while we know Tissue Poms have been hot property in the land of party blogs for some time and while we have been taking orders for them left, right and centre since we began stocking them, we couldn't resist sharing this very clever adaption of these essential party pretty.

Heidi, from Made by Heidi: Sew. Craft. Create. has a guest post tutorial on How Does She? showing how to turn cupcake liners (papers, patty pans, baking cups - whatever baking language you speak) into these gorgeous frilly poms!

(Image from Made by Heidi: Sew. Craft. Create. via How Does She?)

Now I must say that I tried this and I have some tips to share:

1. Try the glue gun - I think it gives you a more precise glue spot than the craft glue I used.

2. Pay close attention to Step 4 - I missed this in my quick perusal of the instructions and it is difficult to do when the craft glue is wet (again maybe better with glue gun) but ensures that really full ruffled look.

3. I am going to try another one and use pins instead of glue - I think this would work as well and perhaps be a little quicker.

You can try your own by following the instructions here.


Monday, September 27, 2010

Real Hip Hooray: Gloriously Imperfect

The lovely and stylish Steph over at Bondville hosted her daughter's third birthday earlier this month. I had to giggle at her post about her best intentions for decorating and how some friends swooped in to save her at the last minute - I think we've all been there.

It is casually styled and sweet in its simplicity, but still a celebration with lots of little details that make it special and memorable for the birthday girl!

My favourite is the cake - totally achievable for every aspiring cake diva, but pink and pretty with chocolate involved - doesn't get any better.
You can see all the details here.

I also found this lovely simple baby shower that Steph posted earlier in the year. Again some gorgeous details - but you had me at the freckle cups!
(All images via Bondville)

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Hooray(s) for Saturday

So amidst the chaos of moving to our warehouse, the accompanying activity that a 25% off everything housewarming sale brings, and plans for one of us to take a very well earned escape with her family, we have neglected our dear friends here. Just in case you have been busy bees along with us, we have this wrap up for you of what is catching our attention in the world of celebrations this week (or the last two weeks as the case may be - I started this blog post last Saturday and ended up staying with my four year old in hospital for three days - another distraction!)

Loved this trend alert from Celebrations at Home.

(image from Amy Atlas via Celebrations at Home)

On a smaller (but just as sweet) scale, this reminded us of the vintage ribbon bunting we did for Mathilda's Market in April this year. We usually decorate the market and used hanging pinwheels in the doorways and this pretty bunting to line the garden beds in the outdoor seating area.
Also loving

An adorable country wedding here - can't decide my favourite thing - the quilt-backed photobooth or the gift wagon!

This divine first birthday complete with adorable birthday girl and inspired photography.

These oh-so-sweet wee wedding cakes including beautiful stands and darling decoration.

A cute and colourful beach party - with summer on the way here, some great inspiration for fun in the sun!


The second edition of this wonderful e-zine - can't wait for the Christmas edition! While browsing I found this very cool artist - can't decide which to order first but my guess is it will be "The Best Things in Life Are Sweet"!