Saturday, January 16, 2010

Truly. Madly. Deeply.

It's official. We are in love. The Macarons and I. Well, possibly it's a little unrequited crush, all I know is my heart beats a little faster when we are in the same room together and I simply can't get enough. That's not to say our first date last week went entirely without awkward moments and moodiness, but all I hoped for was enough `good' ones to be able to line them up in perfect little rows of coloured goodness and this is what I got . . . .

Happy. Contented. Dreaming of the next time we shall meet.

P.S. Sorry I kept you hanging for a week. Long story short is that my camera disappeared just before the Parisian party last Saturday. I suspected foul play may have been involved. Camera was found several days later in the side pocket of rolling luggage hidden in back of sister's wardrobe. Should have been the first place I looked, right? 18 month old suspect since apprehended and cuddled incessantly! Pics are courtesy of friend's i-phone . . . pink poodles coming up next.


REread said...

they look so pretty ... must be one of the most photogenic sweets, these and cupcakes!!

Lovely Scribbles said...

What pretty treats! I just discovered your blog, and it is absolutely adorable. :) I am now a follower. Have a wonderful day!!