Wednesday, March 31, 2010

FREE Printable: Easter Tags

Squeal! We are so very excited to share our first printable project with you just in time for Easter celebrations this weekend.

We have collaborated with the uber-talented Sarah from Style Me Gorgeous to bring you the sweetest little set of tags to style up your Easter goodies. In a gorgeous colour palette of lemon, mint and lavender, there are eight different designs - 4 Happy Easter tags and 4 Easter Goodies tags.

Here's 10 ways with your free tags:

  • Create take-home paper treat bags - punch and loop with ribbon or simply staple neatly to a folded edge. We added a length of pretty ribbon over the top fold and attached the tag to the ribbon at the front using double sided tape. Wooden pegs would look super cute, too.

  • Make sure the Easter Bunny knows who's who by tying a little personalised tag to the kids' baskets.

  • Gifts to give? Take a strip of wrapping paper and make a belt around a plain gift box before finishing with ribbon and a tag.

  • Don't let anyone mistake who collected the most eggs in the hunt - use the tags to name the buckets, bags, or baskets.

  • Decorate the edge of a cake stand with pretty ribbon and attach a tag at the front for a perfectly pretty display.

  • Fill a clear pillow-box with these little speckled eggs, tie on a personalised tag with ribbon and use as a placecard for guests at your Easter feast.

  • Cut a small vertical slit on the top edges of the Happy Easter tags and thread with ribbon to create a pretty garland.

  • Add some height to a centrepiece by slotting cards onto a loop of wire and standing in a container of wheatgrass or real turf for a little bit of fun - add fresh flowers and painted eggs for bonus sweet factor.

  • Use as labels on a collection of glass jars filled with Easter yummies - try marshmallows, chocolate eggs of all varieties and jelly beans - and let those who drop by fill a bag to take home.

  • Bake a batch of Hot Cross Buns, wrap in baking paper, tie with kitchen string and a tag and deliver to your neighbours.

We are so in love with those little speckled eggs right now - let's just say there were quite a few less of these by the end of this little photo shoot. They just seem to be the perfect colourful little treat to package up and give to friends, don't they?

So how will you use your tags? We can't wait to see! Let us know your ideas and please send us some piccies. Hop on over here to download.

Happy Easter from Hip Hooray and Style Me Gorgeous. xo


Sharnel said...

Ok these are too adorable!!!!! Love them.
Thank you for sharing with us.

L @ Salt and Sentiment said...

how sweet! I love this idea (and free printables)!

Pretty Party Studio said...

These are super cute! Thanks for sharing!

Kaz said...

Thank you so much for sharing will give Easter a beautiful and professional touch!!! :-)

Little Choopie said...

Aww you guys are just so nice and teaming up with my favourite designer in the whole world is just fabulous. Have just printed our Easter tags. Can't wait to get started on some easter baskets and other goodies. Thanks girls!!
have a great Easter,
Amanda xx

ShoppeGirls said...

Thank you so much you are both so wonderful and creative.
I have printed and will share photos soon.
I will also share your link on my blog to print your lovely design.
Happy Easter
Thank you

ensparkle ceramics said...


I LOVE a freebie and these are adorable :-)


Helen x