Saturday, June 26, 2010

Turning Two

In just a few days this sweet child of mine will be Two. My baby. My last baby. Now a little girl. A little girl with a very big personality. As affectionate as she is stubborn. As giggly as she is grumpy. As delightful as she is frustrating. As sugary as she is spicy.

Zoe Grace (5 Weeks Old)

On Tuesday we will celebrate simply with Milk and Cookies. Fittingly, two of Zoe's favourite things. Her preferred choice of dinner - if it were a menu option!

Our closest family, a few friends and our kind neighbours will be dropping in for some home-baked goodies and a warming hot chocolate.

Everything about this celebration is kind of impromptu (if you hadn't noticed the trend, that's a little how life rolls around here). As such, a phone call to our guests probably would have sufficed, but if I haven't said it before, I'm saying it now. I love, love, love Snail Mail. Packing it, sending it, receiving it, opening it. A thrill that can never be replaced by technology. So, inspired by chocolate chips and a warm and fuzzy colour palette, I made these in an hour on the couch and popped them in the post.

Then I ordered this from a sweet and clever friend. And the rest of the plan? Mmmm, still in the making.

So with visions of Whoopie Pies, Cookies'n'cream pops, and delicious chocolate chip cookies dancing in my head, I better get me to my kitchen. Enjoy your weekend xo



Oh so cute !! Great theme....Have fun xx

Ingrid said...

The invites are super cute, but Zoe Grace is cuter!

Party Box Design said...

super cute invites, love the party theme!

my daughter just turned two as well!