Sunday, February 28, 2010

In the Window

(image via flickr)

Oh, how we dream of having a little store made of bricks and mortar. Just the other week I was doing a bit of sorting and came across a notebook from many years ago where I had made a few dreamy sketches – a visualisation, something to plan, something to look forward to. And even now our business is born, and growing, and teaching, and changing, the little store of our dreams still looks uncannily like that one in my sketches.

It has a little scalloped awning out the front, an oversized painted door, floor to ceiling glass windows. It’s walls are hung with ladders of gorgeous gift wrap. Colourful ribbons spill from their spools just waiting to be touched, measured, perfectly matched. Boxes and bags in every imaginable colour are stacked in pretty rows according to their hue. Neat piles of the most beautiful invitations seek to be a part of a special celebration. There is a cosy lounge where customers, our friends, flip through our favourite books and mags for inspiration. It is modern and fresh, but at the same time nostalgic. We serve cupcakes daily. There are, of course, pretty garlands dancing from the ceiling. Oh and a permanent lolly buffet!!

If you ever see a little store (preferably in Brisbane) that might one day look like this, be sure to let us know.

In the meantime, we will pretend this space is our floor to ceiling glass window and invite you to press your nose up against it anytime to see what’s in the store.

Back tomorrow with our first peek In the Window.

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