Thursday, February 25, 2010

A little bricks and mortar . . . . .

So it's been a busy week digging for those surfaces, but you (and my hubby!) might be pleased to know they have emerged from beneath their makeshift blankets of colour and are back in all their orderly, calm (but slightly boring!) glory. Funnily, the kids are not keen on sitting back at the Dining Room table after their forced stint at the Breakfast bench. Might have something to do with a better view of the T.V.

Thanks to everyone who dropped by to see us at Mathilda’s Market in Brisbane last Saturday – it is really such great fun to step out of our `studio and warehouse’ (read: computer desk and garage) and feel like we have a little piece of bricks and mortar for just one day. Despite very little sleep the night before, we always seem to come home refreshed by the sheer pleasure of meeting and chatting with customers and imparting a little party inspiration while we’re at it. So much more fun to play `this goes with that’ in person than it is behind this computer screen.

We loved the vibe of the new venue with its majestic weeping willows, sweeping lawns, red brickwork, exposed beams and snippets of Brisbane racing history in every corner.

We were quite the busy bees setting up stall and adding a few sweet touches to the entrances and so our photography is lacking a little, but here’s a few snaps of our stall and decorations.

Ribbon garlands, packaging pretties and Little Laundry garland (by Paperklip for Details, details!)

Paper chains and goodie bags (instore soon)

Our garland of vintage-inspired lace and ribbons adorns the garden

Giant paper pinwheels and paper chains strung across the many archways

And try as we might to keep our spending hands tucked in our pockets at this gorgeous market, for fear of spending everything we earn, we couldn’t resist grabbing a couple of things from these Mathilda’s newcomers . . . .

A pretty pleated top for Zoe from Don’t Tell Mamma

This fun and funky t-shirt for Campbell from Electric Boy

Did you find something wonderful at Mathilda's Market?

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Lovely Scribbles said...

I wish I could cross the ocean for Mathilda's Market! I think I would spend all of my earnings, too. :) I LOVE all of your lovely products!