Friday, February 26, 2010

Real Hip Hooray: A little birdie turns one

When this little Lala bird flew into our store last year, she immediately captured the attention and hearts of our customers and ever since has spent her time flitting to homes all over the country. Mine was one of those hearts captured by her simplicity and sweetness and so, inspired by the colour palette of red, pink and chocolate, I set about creating `an afternoon of sweet tweets' for friends and family to celebrate the first birthday of the littlest birdie in our nest, Zoe.

I have been promising our customers this post for far too long now - so for those of you with a little Lala bird party already in the planning or those of you seeking inspiration for a theme that is unique and adorable all at once, settle in and enjoy!

For the littlies -

Birds Nests (an absolute hit! I will share the recipe for you in another post)
Worms in dirt
Baby birds (mini cupcakes with simple birdie features

The sweets buffet -

Raspberry Friands
Caramel Tarts
Chocolate fudge brownies
Individual berry trifles
Individual Tiramisu
Chocolate-dipped strawberries
Hazelnut meringue sticks

All made with love in our kitchen

Drinks -

Lemon iced tea
Pink party punch (with three girls, we pull this one out at every party!)
Bubbles and Beer
Hot chocolate shots

A little Lala bird onesie for the birthday girl complete with polka dots and heart-shaped button eye.

That cake - inspired by this one and made by my oh-so-clever Mum, who always denies she is capable and then takes my breath away. There was tears! Oh and just because I'm a details girl, can you guess what the cake was on the inside? Mmmm - hummingbird!

Repurposing an already existing shelving unit as a background for the dessert buffet - simply move contents away - or to the shelves below eye level - and fill the cubes with elements to style up the party.

Separate dessert buffets for adults and children - adults often outnumber kids at a First birthday party and it is nice to honour grown-up guests with something other than fairy bread and cheerios (although I know we all secretly love that about children's birthday parties!)

Framing the invitation as decor - a mini masterpiece!

Incorporating photographs of the birthday girl as a baby and with her sisters into the buffet display.

Homemade bird softies as favours for Zoe's little friends too young for sweets.

Take-home lolly bags for the adults too - yes, it really is all about us!

Party drinks served in clear vessels - a nice touch of colour.

Mini hot chocolate shots in pink polka dot espresso cups - a simple, fun way to warm up!
A creativity table to keep kids of all ages busy with bird-inspired colouring pages, collage and ornament making using feathers, love hearts, flowers, beads, bells, paint and sequins.

One Little Lala Bird invitations and tags by Alannah Rose Designer Stationery at Details, details! Similar designs using this motif and colour scheme are available for Baby Showers and other parties, so the one-year-old is optional for this party theme!

Zoe's outfit by Little Choopie (onesie) and Oobi Baby (skirt).

Birdcage paper cutouts by Little Retreats (Etsy). I mounted these onto painted canvases to create artwork.

Beautiful wooden tree at Hart & Heim - now a lovely addition to Zoe's woodland nursery

Pattern for sewing fabric birds from Spool

Bird's nests (holding labels) from Prior Engagement

Happy Birthday and Bird Garlands and Bird tags used as labels - all by Paperklip Design at Details, details!

Personalised Cupcake toppers from Details, details!

Chocolate take-out boxes as children's favours from Details, details!

Sweets from Tom's Confectionery Warehouse (jaffas, jelly bellies, strawberries and cream, milk bottles, musk sticks, maltesers, strawberry and chocolate bon bons, mini musks) and Coles (red gummi love hearts, marshmallows and cute gummi toadstools!)

Vintage-inspired name print (with `Sweet Tweets' table) from Sarah + Abraham

Wrapping paper as table runners from Details, details!

Paper lanterns from Details, details!

I have had such fun remembering this party - but I do wish that my baby bird would stay little just a bit longer. March officially marks the start of Party Planning 2010, so to officially archive the parties of 2009 we will be bring you more great details from these celebrations over coming days.


Kim @ said...

I love all the details! The tree centerpiece and favor boxes are my fav! Her outfit is too dang cute!

Kim @
party inspiration

Candy and Cake said...

Wow! I love it!

Amanda said...

Wow! What a wonderful party and such an inspiring post! Thanks for sharing all the details of the day with us. I am in the middle of planning my daughter's 1st birthday which is only a few months away and you've definitely given me some ideas to think about. Am bookmarking this post!! Loved all the details you included like the take-home goodie bags and the love the 'worms in dirt' x

Style Me Gorgeous said...

ohhh this is so gorgeous ! well done !!

Goosie Girl said...

Hi Hip Hooray!
This party is just the cutest! In fact, I featured you on my blog if you want to pop over and take a peek,
Thanks for sharing!

Betsy of Belly Feathers said...

This party is so lovely! I love little birdies my self, so it was such a tweet to see this pics!!!

Catherine Hansen Peart said...

Wow, that is all so gorgeous. Love the colour combo as well!

jackie fo said...

The birds nest are my fave - everything looks SO CUTE!

Missy said...

This is the cutest little party. Thanks for posting the pictures and sharing your secret sources!

Alannah Rose said...

i've been waiting for you to share this on your blog, you know I love it, just gorgeous you clever bird! xx

Brooke Meyenberg said...

Siobhan your party is cuter than I could have ever envisioned! The theme, the special details and touches, your colors, the delicious treats...everything looks AMAZING!

What a wonderful share!

Can't wait to spread your creativity..


from Little Retreats :)

Not Just A Mommy! said...

What a lovely party, so many beautiful details! I would love to share with my readers.

Susan Crabtree said...

absolutley adorable-love all you "tweet" details!

Heather of Swallowing A Moose said...

Bird Nest dessert recipe??

I must have missed it!

Siobhan. Vanessa said...

Thanks so much everyone for your lovely comments. Glad you enjoyed sharing Zoe's party along with us. Recipes coming up soon Heather :)

Little Choopie said...

WOW WOW WOW. I have only just got round to posting a comment now but I have been admiring Zoe's gorgeous detailed filled party for days now. You girls do details better than any one I know. I just heart what you have done. Thanks for sharing a little bit of Little Choopie love too. Zoe is the prettiest little bird ever. Just gorgeous!! Watch out for some Little Choopie blog loving to come very soon xx

mandyface said...

I love this! Way freakin cute!

Julie said...

Just beautiful!

Sweetly Sweet said...

Good job! Loved all the details you have a lot of talent! The colors are perfect and the table looks wonderfully balanced! Keep up the good work!

Clau! said...

Everithing looks so cute and yummy :)

Nice work!! Congrats!!!

Clau! said...

Everithing looks so cute and yummy :)

Nice work!! Congrats!!!

Courtney@Pizzazzerie said...

This is amazing, I love every last detail!

michelle@everydaycelebrating said...

Fabulous job and beautiful blog!