Monday, July 26, 2010

The Beauty Full Collection (Invitations for Ava)

Something of beauty to share with you today.
In more ways than we can possibly describe.

A beauty full child who flew to heaven too soon - adored, missed, remembered.
Her beauty full family who opened their hearts to us and a pretty little idea we had.
A beauty full way in which they have chosen to honour their daughter - a tea party, simple or fancy, it matters not. But it matters.
And nine generous, creative friends who embraced our idea with all their heart and created this.



The Hens Nest said...

such a beautiful post about such a tragic story. Bless little Ava and her friends for continuing to bring light and love into peoples lives.

Alannah Rose said...

You girls are truly amazing. I'm so honored to be able to participate in Ava's tea party.