Friday, July 16, 2010

Real Hip Hooray: Vintage Chick (en)

images via Jennifer Birkhead Design

What a wonderfully sweet and creative celebration for little April's 1st Birthday.

Just the coordinating vintage `chic' outfits alone were enough to make our heart skip a little beat. But then, oh, the details! Cupcakes and chicken cookies served in doily-lined egg cartons. Vintage glassware and fresh flowers. Pretty paper garlands and a clever doily backdrop. Chicken wire framed for guests to peg their birthday wishes to.

This party embodies all that we love about celebrating with children at home - creating a theme out of something that they love or is special to your family, beautiful mum-made details, a space that is so personal and reflects family all around. It simply made our hearts warm.

April's mum, Jennifer Birkhead is a talented stationery designer and one we predict is going places. Happy First Birthday little April, you are one very chic Vintage Chick.

Oh and doilies are on our new favourite things list. Yours too? It just makes our Mum shake her head!

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Suzanna ~ Mon Tresor said...

Love the unique theme and the details were just perfect. Well done Jennifer! Xx