Saturday, July 31, 2010

Christmas in July

The weatherman is predicting 27 degrees today in Brisbane. Seriously, it's the middle of winter! No cause for complaint usually. Except today the neighbourhood is gathering for a new tradition - Christmas in July. We might have hoped for a little nip in the air while we go about stuffing and roasting the pork and preparing all the trimmings. But really, it may as well be December. The kids have dubbed it `Early Christmas' - which means anticipation is high about what today might hold - they even got up earlier than normal!! I fear there may be disappointment.

Last weekend, the talented Australian photographer Tracey Lau, celebrated Christmas in July. I have been popping back to her blog all week to swoon over these beautiful pictures and that amazing dessert table.

(Images via Tracey Lau)

Just looking at these images gives me the warm and fuzzies and it seems easy to imagine that it may have been freezing cold outside her home in Sydney.

Looking out the window to my 27 degree winter day I know there's not a snowman who would stand a chance out there. And while the kids dreams of a double dose of Santa may be dashed today, there will still be much to celebrate with friends. Much to be grateful for.

And much to eat.

Merry Christmas in July.

P.S. While you're over at Tracey's blog, don't miss her exciting announcement and extraordinary I-gotta-have-one-of-those giveaway.


Tracey said...

You girls are just too gorgeous. I hope you had a wonderful, memory making day!

I received my invitation for Ava and I love your heart too x

Jennifer Birkhead said...

I too am in LOVE with Tracey's Christmas in July.....just stunning!

Kate Landers Events, LLC © 2009 said...

Vanessa--LOVE YOUR BLOG!!!! Oh, it is super fantastic and SO inspiring. I design children's parties, just redesigned my blog, I added you to my party blog list because my readers would *adore* you, and would be honored if you took a peek at mine--maybe it would inspire yours? Pls e-mail me, would *love* to chat with you!

Where My Heart Is said...

Wasn't Tracey's Christmas in July beautiful - her photography is always inspirational.
Wasn't it HOT last weekend - so unseasonal for almost Ekka time!

Emily said...

Beautiful inspiration for a great Christmas in July celebration! I've heard of more people doing Christmas in July celebrations this year than ever before. It's such a great reason to bring up the warm fuzzies of winter during the warm days of summer.

Marybeth said...

Stunning...absolutely stunning! I only wish I had that talent...and patince to make such a wintery wonderland! :)Marybeth