Sunday, August 22, 2010

A Beauty-Full Day: Ava's Tea Party

Today, Ava Rosemeyer would have been seven years old.

A day for cake and balloons and pretty party skirts.

A day shared with girlfriends, filled with giggles and gifts.

And so it was. (On earth, as it is in heaven).

With plenty of pink, a dash of sparkle and twirling galore, at the Watkins house, we stopped and sat a while with true friends. We sipped tea, let the girls decorate their own cupcakes and raised our strawberry milkshakes heaven-ward. We didn't quite get to brushing hair or ironing tablecloths (or even filling the napkin holders *smile*!) A simple, imperfectly perfect Tea Party. A sunshine-y day. A happy day. A day to be grateful, to be glad, to remember Ava.

Of course in the Baird household there was never going to be fine china, butterfly cakes or pretty pinkness. Instead with a house full of boys we opted for a tent picnic in our living room in honour of Ava. As we set up the tent, Campbell, 4, announced that "It's going to be so much fun, Mum!" We sat cross legged with chocolate crackles, chocolate cake (complete with dino coloured sprinkles) and chocolate milkshakes.

The boys compared milk moustaches, we talked about Ava and we sat still together and shared the moment.

Happy Birthday, Ava. Your Super-Princess powers have shone bright all over the world today. Thank you for the gift of reminding us of the joy to be found in celebrating small things every day.

Don't forget, alongside your plans for cupcakes and pink milk, you can also support Ava's Tea Party by purchasing a printable invitation from The Beauty Full Collection. Lovingly created by nine of Australia's favourite children's stationery designers, each invitation file is only $AUD10 (and our cart supports international transactions). 100% of sales go to Paradise Kids, supporting families such as the Rosemeyers through grief and loss.


Digella said...

Happy Birthday Ava.

Lovely post.


Jennifer Birkhead said...

Wonderful post x

Nicki said...

lovely pictures! i love ava too:)
i also have pictures on my blog:))
- nicki xo
p.s. im folling:) follow if you would like!

Alannah Rose said...

lovely girls, you should be proud of what you've achieved this month x