Thursday, August 19, 2010

A Beauty Full Board: Inspiration for Ava

It seems there is a constant chattering about tea parties at the moment. Perhaps it sounds louder to us because our ears are listening for it. Either way, it's there. And nothing makes us happier to know that this weekend, or last weekend, next weekend - whenever - in backyards, on front verandahs, around kitchen tables, at local parks - wherever - families and friends, a few or many, will gather to share cupcakes and conversation and cherish their own, sharing in Ava's Tea Party 2010.

The support of the burgeoning party industry in Australia for this most special of Tea Parties has been quite wonderful to watch - the constant chattering (thanks Facebook and Twitter) tells us that there are many creative types channeling energy and spirit and pure heart into their simply sweet celebrations. Ava is most certainly twirling above to see what you all have planned unfold, and we too are happy dancing in anticipation to see the beauty full ways in which you will celebrate and remember.

As we were preparing to launch the Beauty Full collection (Invitations for Ava) some weeks ago now, our imaginations ran wild with ideas for how the creative blogging community we are so proud to be a part of, might share in the spirit of Ava's Tea Party.

This was one of them.

Beauty Full Boards (Inspiration for Ava).

A big thank you to friend and talented stylist, Sharnel, who purchased the invitation by Style Me Gorgeous and has used it to inspire this Beauty Full board of tea party prettiness. It gives us joy to share it with you today.

Top row L to R: Cupcakes, Cotton Candy (source unknown), Pink lemonade, Tiara cupcake

Second row L to R: Balloons (source unknown), vintage tea party place setting (source unknown), Cake

Bottom row L to R: Picnic setting, Ice cream cones (source unknown), a little girl's tea party

Invitation by Style Me Gorgeous - part of the Beauty Full Collection (Invitations for Ava). Printable invitations for only $AUD10. 100% of sales go to Paradise Kids, supporting families experiencing illness and loss.

While August is slipping on by, there is still time, if you would like, to share with us your inspiration for Ava's Tea Party. There will always be time. A tea party is such a timeless way to treasure, after all. Beauty Full board submissions can be sent to us here.

And if inspiration has since made way for planning and creating, we can't wait to see that too. Wherever you are in the world, if you're hosting an Ava's Tea Party this August, please send us some piccies to share. It would mean a lot to this very special family.


Kathieunder100 said...

My daughter ordered the above invites for her 10th birthday party on the 27th of August. She is having a high tea party and is happy to call it an Ava Tea Party! She has a little sister called Ava almost at a similar age so she is very aware of how special this all is.

Sheye Rosemeyer said...

Oh my goodness, this is absolutely beautiful!! I'm so inspired seeing what you've put together Sharnel, you're amazing!
And as always,thank you S & V :) What an amazing month it's been.

Vicky said...

What a lovely inspiration board for a very special party- blessings in the planning of it:)