Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Crazy Hazy days of August

Oh, how we only wish we could have put a little `Lazy' into that title. Alas, there has been way too little of magazine-reading, tea-sipping and day-dreaming of late. August is sneaking on by in a whirl of activity that keeps us from you, yet begs to be shared. A whirl of activity that looks something like this:

Watching and smiling and thanking as Tea Parties for Ava are dreamed
and planned and created and shared.

Sending off the Beauty Full collection invitations to new homes
and kind hearts. Do you have yours yet?

Packing little suitcases full of Tea Party pretties.

Styling a christening and first birthday celebration for
Cheeky Monkey Addison.

Three days scouting all things new and gorgeous for the store at the
trade fairs in Melbourne.

Creating a sweet strawberry soiree for my 4 year-old daughter
(very last minute!)

A glam makeover (entirely necessary!) and paparazzi photo shoots for
Little One Baby Design and Style issue (on newsstands this week)

Skulking around aforementioned newsstands waiting for Shop4Kids to land -
yes, we're in there too!

Planning and prepping and pulling together our stall for Mathilda's Market this past weekend - this time dedicated to Ava's Tea Party
and the Beauty Full collection.

See, a whole list of hazy craziness. We guess you might like to see some matching hazy crazy pictures? Consider that added to the list.

Meanwhile, we will be holding tight to these last days of August. For many reasons, but most of all this one, it will linger in our memory long after the haze has passed.

And if you feel like sharing a little of your hazy, crazy (or lazy!) August with us, please drop us a little note - we'd love to hear from you.

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