Friday, August 27, 2010

Real Hip Hooray: A lovely ladybird's garden

The promise of Spring fills the air this week. Can you feel it? And it's not even so much about the weather where we are from - it's actually kind of lovely warm-ish all year round - but rather that wonderful intangible something that puts a little skip in one's step. The promise of new growth and new babies, of morning walks and longer days, of lighter, somehow happier clothes, of clean cupboards, airy linen and the scent of blossom on the breeze.

What a lovely time of year to party in the garden.

We are playing a little catch-up on sharing with you some of our favourite Real Hip Hoorays from recent weeks. And while it is certainly possible you have already smiled at this sweet soiree held in Ella's ladybird garden, if there was even a chance that you might not have seen it yet, we could not live with ourselves if it passed you by. Besides, there can be no harm done in a double dose of this kind of happy, right?

Inspired by her very own Lovely Ladybug invitation design, Suzi Waters of Alannah Rose Stationery transformed her inner Melbourne family home into a sweet garden scene for daughter Ella's 4th Birthday party. We adore the soft colour palette of pinks and lilacs against a blanket of green grass - a gorgeous twist on the traditional red and black of your average ladybird.

Tin pails, watering cans, bug catchers and fresh flowers bring to life the ladybird's garden home - watch for her nestled on flower cookies and hidden atop of cupcakes.

(All images provided by Suzi Waters, Alannah Rose Stationery)

Suzi shares more delightful images and details from this celebration on her blog.

Blue skies are promised here tomorrow and we are looking forward to a day spent with grass beneath our bare feet. The girls will reach for butterflies and peek beneath leaves in search of ladybirds. And we might just pop in to share another gorgeous outdoor celebration with you. Happy weekend xo


Linda Vandermeer McCubbin said...

Such an inspirational and gorgeous party. Who doesn't love ladybirds. We'll be heading outdoors this weekend as well.

Where My Heart Is said...

What a cute ladybird party with so much attention to detail. A great theme for Spring.

Anna said...

Oh how lovely! As you can probably tell from my name, I LOVE ladybirds! Very beautiful :)

Carrie @ Cottage Cozy said...

Everything is wonderful~I love it~

Photography said...

Beautiful - I love it all!

Leeann @ Join the Gossip said...

Oh my goodness! All of these pictures are so beautiful! What amazing party pieces :)

Anonymous said...

Amazing! Looks lovely. Do you know where she got the glass bottles from? A very special party!